5 years ago
Fighting over chores is one of the most common causes of divorce — but there’s an easy way to neutralize the threat

Can you save a troubled #marriage by outsourcing housework or agreeing not to do some chores?

#divorce #divorcelaw #familylaw #familycourt

Marriage is hard, and housework makes it harder. A new paper suggests couples who spend money to save time are happier than couples who don't.

6 years ago
Do you really want your ex-spouse to get your inheritance? It's time to update beneficiaries

Beneficiary forms trump last wills and testaments in court. When did you last review and update your beneficiary forms? ... See more

Financial advisors call the failure to update beneficiary lists after major life events one of the most common and potentially costly retirement and estate planning errors that savers and investors ... See more

6 years ago
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Thankful Thursday - Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate our clients. We are here to help all our clients!

"I was falsely accused of physical abuse and neglect towards my 2 daughters. A case ... See more

6 years ago

Happy Mother's Day from our family to yours. Wishing you love, happiness and laughter on this very special day!

6 years ago
Lawyers Reveal the 5 Weirdest Things Couples in 2018 are Fighting Over

Bitcoin is not one ... but Netflix is.
Have a great weekend everyone!
#family #familylaw #divorce #houston #texas

Life has become stranger than fiction in 2018, and love is no different. Just like there is an influx of new ways people are coming together, like a dating app that matches couples based on their ... See more

6 years ago
Bill Gates is raising his children according to a 1970s ‘Love and Logic’ formula — here are his top tips for grooming successful kids

#Tiptuesday #family #familylaw #houston

Bill Gates says his wife Melinda probably does 80% of the parenting work in their household, but the two philanthropists model their approach on a decades-old a

6 years ago
Why does divorce run in families? The answer may be genetics

Why does divorce run in families? The answer may be genetics

#divorce #familylaw #houston #texas

Children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced when compared to those who grew up in two-parent families — and genetic factors are the primary explanation, according to a new study by ... See more

6 years ago

Happy Monday! We hope you had a wonderful weekend.

6 years ago
Should You Give the Engagement Ring Back?

Should you give the ring back when the engagement is over? Most courts would say yes.

Most courts say the ring is part of a contract and if you said yes to the proposal, give it back when the wedding is off.

6 years ago

Happy Monday! Make today a great day!

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